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WALL FRAMING with the T-Stud

There are certainly many ways to solve for building science. When it comes to thermal control, well the notion of a “Thermal Break” comes to mind. If one Thermal Break is good, well two must be even better. In this video we take a look at our wall frame for the Hilltop Aarow project. We substituted the typical 2x6 stud with the T-Stud. The T-Stud is basically a small version of an open web truss being used as a stud. He strength of the stud is not compromised yet we significantly reduce the thermal bridging of the opaque area of wall framing. We further enhanced the wall design with he use of Huberwood’s R-9 Zip Sheathing around the house as a “sweater” to keep everyone nice and comfortable all winter long. This teamwork gives us an R-32, airtight, wall assembly with an exceptional thermal break (or two). Of course no video is complete without “Big Red”!! We take a look a a wall section detail and mark it up with Big Red’s help. Enjoy the video my friends, and yes……..Long Live Our buildings

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