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Waterproofing Bautex Insulated Concrete Forms

In this video, Matt Risinger talks with Ezio Fabrizi, builder, contractor, chemist, and the creator of the PolyWall Blue Barrier Fluid Applied Waterproofing Membrane. You'll get to peek behind the curtain of the development process, which has changed the game of waterproofing.Fabrizi set out to design PolyWall to create a monolithic, uniform system that provides full-embedded adhesion. He wanted a product that could get into all the nooks and crannies, which are prevalent in concrete, in one step, rather than performing the "origami" method often required by traditional stick-and-peel waterproofing systems. As you all know, water is the enemy of durability. Building in today's codes on tightness, you can't stand any water intrusion, so this PolyWall product seems to be the best possible answer when it comes to waterproofing.In the video, you can see three of the PolyWall products in use 2200 Joint Filler, a fiber reinforced joint sealer, 2300 spray grade PolyWall product, and the 2400 roller grade, which is thicker than its spray-on counterpart.What steps do you need to take to ensure effective application? Make sure you prepare a clean surface. Then, apply the 2200 Joint Filler to any voids more than ¼ inch with your "sausage gun", and then strike it smooth; finally, proceed with your roller application or spray. Want to see it in? Check out the full video.