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West Tenth Street Intro

Historic home renovation is exciting to most builders. Matt Risinger takes us to a beautiful historic home under renovation. Originally built in 1876, the home has a view of the Texas State Capitol and was originally built as the headmaster's house for the Texas Military Institute. Vacant for a long time, when Risinger and his team began to evaluate the home's condition, they found it was unlike others in the area. It featured two-foot thick solid masonry walls and where they needed to add wood for baseboards and windows, they set in pieces of wood into the masonry. Risinger's clients brought him on very early in the design phase, allowing Risinger to consult on the building science, budget and the technical aspects involved in conducting such a remodel. Challenges included keeping historic windows with their gorgeous wavy glass, while tightening them up from an air infiltration perspective and how to insulate the home. An 1870s house is unique when considering energy efficiency. All new mechanicals are planned, including new plumbing, heating and cooling and electrical systems. Risinger calls out the touches on the home left by a builder almost 150 years earlier. For example, there are chisel marks on the outside of the doorways, as the builder shaped the exterior stone.There will be many more videos coming from this home as the renovation takes place.