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West Tenth Update

Matt Risinger and the crew from Risinger Homes are remodeling an old home built in 1876 in Austin, TX. In this July 2016 update on the #WestTenth project, Risinger delves into some of the creative ways they've coped with retaining the original structure and character of the home during remodeling, some of the difficult challenges they've faced, and how they've worked around, through and with the structure of the home to maintain its original essence while creating a safer, updated home both inside and out. Watch the video to learn more about what they've added, including a mud room and family dining room space with views of the Capitol, and remodel of the attic to include another master bedroom with wrap-around windows from the master bath showcasing the Capitol building. He discusses how they've dealt with problems like tight spaces, and cutting through 2-foot, load-bearing cement walls. This is truly a full team approach including the Risinger team, the engineer, architectural team, steel contractors and more. Sometimes a challenge can be a super-fun, long-term project where everyone learns along the way while creating something strong and beautiful that will last for years to come. Check out the #WestTenth videos to monitor progress.