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What is the Best Air Conditioning System?

Matt Risinger discusses top-of-the-line HVAC systems and how important getting a good HVAC system is during the homebuilding process. He shows us a really unique system in a nearly completed new home. While the system looks like many others, it has much better capabilities a variable refrigerant flow technology through a partnership between Trane and Mitsubishi that can ramp up and down through a huge range for energy efficiency and runs quietly. There's also very low amperage required for the compressor start-up. A ventilating dehumidifier is linked to fresh air input which is then filtered, along with the filtered hot air, and will put air into the house. This way the thermostat just controls the temperature, and the dehu controls the home's humidity and can be set separately. A custom designer and engineer are important for this system. Risinger used Positive Energy on this project. Here are some links to companies and products mentioned in the video if you want to check them out and use them yourself