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Where to use Quietrock for sound proofing

A frequent request heard by Master Builder Matt Risninger is how to soundproof a home and how to have a quiet home. QuietRock is "STC rated and tested" to reduce the transmission of airborne noise through a wall or floor/ceiling assembly. How and where to use Quietrock needs to be carefully considered. Depending on the wall type and level of sound reduction (STC rating)", you wish to achieve, QuietRock can be installed on one or both sides of a wall. In most cases and applications, installing QuietRock on only one side of a wall is all that is necessary to see noticeable and significant reductions in sound transmission through the wall (assuming the wall is well sealed with acoustical sealant-QuietSeal Pro and QuietPutty is used on the electrical outlet boxes and that the sound cannot "flank" or go around the wall). The example Risinger uses is a media room with multiple boxes for the television and media equipment, which would compromise the effectiveness of the Quietrock. Check out the video to see an alternative placement of the Quietrock where thinking critically will get you the most out of this product.