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Why Hire An Architect - Interview with Jim LaRue

In this video, Matt Risinger talks with Jim LaRue on why and how getting an architect involved in building your dream home is important. Architects are a key member of the team in engineering the design of your new home. A good architect sits down with clients to understand their budget, needs and desires. They visit the site and get a feel for how to create what you want within your budget. Architects work as a team with the builder and interior designer from the onset of the construction project to make your vision an achievable reality. But how to find a good one? Referrals are important, and so is fit. Interview 2-3 experts to find someone with whom you have a connection and a good gut feeling. You need a strong team that you trust to get you through what can be a challenging process, but who also wants to have fun along the way. This should be an enjoyable journey! Watch the video to learn how to look for the best architect for your home, and what an architect can do for you.