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Will These Tapes Stick? Freezer testing Flashing Tapes - IBS Vegas 2019

Many companies attended the International Builder's Show in 2019, showing off their amazing waterproofing and house wrap products. Though none stood out to Matt Risinger like the Huber's Zip System. Not only is it a great waterproofing system but a great air system as well. At the show Risinger takes Huber's freezer test with asphalt, butyl and the Huber's Zip System. The test consists of a freezer set at zero degrees and tests how these three tapes stick in cold weather. The Zip System shows off its strength compared to the others. Risinger also talks about how well they work in the sun and all the different types of flashings they have. Risinger shows off the prowess of the Huber's products showing that they are a great choiceyou're your build no matter the conditions or the size needed.